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Work-As-Meditation Program

In the commune whatever you are doing.. here we call work, worship, for the simple reason that work is not just work, it is meditation


This program is for those who want to experience work as meditation, work as way of living.

Work as meditation program you will learn how to work with awareness in day-to-day life. Working in day-to-day life and working as meditation is totally different experience. Working at Osho Tapoban , work as meditation you will learn how to work playfully, with awareness. Often when we work in society we have purpose, we work for future oriented result, work as meditation program is unique in the sense one live moment to moment not for the future. Future will come when we bring total awareness to present moment. Hence you will learn how to work and enjoy at the same time. When one enjoy the work, you open your heart. Open heart means new possibilities, creativity and feeling of connectedness with oneself and nature.

Everyday each work as meditation participant work for 5 hours. This work can be working in our farm, growing vegetables, watering the plants, cutting the grass, cooking the food, cleaning the room,  work with computer etc. Work can be distributed according your intelligence, experience.

What we offer:

  • Free Food
  • Free Accommodations
  • Access to all the meditation sessions
  • Living in nature
  • Company of fellow meditators and like-minded people

Current openings?

We are looking for accountants, content writers, kitchen helpers???

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