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Project HIS Presence

Preserve the fragrance of Osho

God is not a person but a presence.


More than 3 decades have passed since Osho left his body, what remains alive is his vision, his legacy of the neo-sannyas movement, his stories and his unceasing presence available for anyone who is in need.

As time passes by we are slowly losing the first generation of sannyasins and Osho lovers who had a firsthand experience of the existential grandeur that Osho was. Gradually that generation is moving away to the further shore and soon there will be noone left who had actually seen Osho and experienced him in his physical form. This brings us to the need of the time, the need to preserve and pass every memory, object, experience that can bring the coming generations closer to our beloved master and give them a taste of HIS Presence.

Osho was a man of multifarious colors and although he lived only for 59 years, his life was nothing less than an era and during that time he used myriads of things. Everything he used or even touched, today carry his energy. Osho himself speaks of the capacity for marble to retain the energy of highly evolved beings for thousands of years, he gave sannyasins his hair, nail, his robes, handkerchiefs and hats and pens and cups, watches, jewellery and other gifts and told them how it would always radiate his energy and connect them with him. As sannyasins are slowly leaving their bodies the questions arises over the existence and the proper care of these objects. There is a great chance of them being lost forever because of a lack of a proper archival space that can protect them for the future generation.

For this very reason Osho Tapoban has started this project HIS Presence which has stemmed out of love and a sense of responsibility. The sole intention behind it is to collect and preserve anything related to Osho’s energy and pass it on to the coming generations in its purest form. We would like it to be known that any item that passed through Osho’s hands and needs to be looked after with love and respect, our archive would welcome it. So far we have two climate controlled archives at Osho Tapoban called the Osho Archive and the Nirvana Grove that protect his two robes, one sock, his ashes, a piece of marble from his bedroom, a chair, His handwritten letters, a silver lamp gifted by Osho, His hair and two handkerchiefs used by him. The archives are open for silent meditation and welcome Osho lovers everyday.

If you are interested in this project or want to send us something please write to us at The project will take care of all the shipping costs incurred.

In love and surrender,
Team HIS Presence
Osho Tapoban International Commune