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Debt redemption of the West – Swami Anand Arun

I have been writing from the first issue of Sama Weekly till now under the philosophy column. Those articles were liked by the readers, so we collected them and published them as ‘Sant-Darshan’ book. 2000 copies of the first edition and 3000 copies of the second edition were printed. Each edition sold out within a few months of publication. Now we are preparing for the third edition.

Some of the articles in the book were translated into English and Russian and we placed them on the website. After reading those articles, when we went to Russia, Russian and expatriate Nepali friends also insisted that this book should be published in Russian language. Due to Mr. Jiva Lamichhaneji’s love and goodwill towards me and respect for the book, this book took on a Russian avatar by paying all it’s financial expenses, translation by Mr. Krishna Prakash Shrestha and recognition from the Russian Writers’ Association.

Shri Krishna Prasad Rizalji took initiation and became Swami Anand Krishna and with his own investment and efforts he built another small Tapoban in a quiet forest area in the north east of Moscow which was named Osho Krishna Meditation Center. In this year’s survey, Moscow is considered the most expensive city in the world. There, the price of real estate is very high. In such a situation, building a meditation center and an ashram with a property worth three million dollars is a matter of courage. In this ashram, the first meditation camp was formally started this year in which friends from many countries of Europe participated. During the same camp, the release of the Russian version of “Sant-Darshan” by the International President of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, Dr. Upendra Mahato and Acting Ambassador for the Russian Federation Mr. Achyutabhakta Paudel jointly completed.

I am visiting many cities in Russia and Europe in the course of conducting meditation camps. This year, meditation camps were held for the first time in the southern Russian cities of Rostov and Krasnodar. Osho Nataraj Meditation Center at Rostov and Osho Kundalini Meditation Center at Krasnodar were established at the request of local friends.

In the course of the visit, Gelendzhik, a very beautiful, peaceful, picturesque, touristic city located at the foot of the hill where the Caucasus mountain range begins, on the edge of block C, captivated the heart. Gelendzhik means – fair bride. Until the 19th century, Turks from the southern edge of Block C came to this area to buy fair-skinned women. Goristri had great attraction in their society. Women brought from Russia and other regions of Europe used to be traded in this area. I found here a store of the sea with the cleanest water I have ever seen. Some distance from this city, we went to see the ancient structures made of huge stones, about 4000 years ago. It is surprising to see numerous caves surrounded by huge stones on three sides, roofs of one stone weighing tens of tons with wide stone walls. How did its builders get the huge stones there without any modern technology? How to cut the stone and make it up to the roof? Thousands of years ago there was a civilization of nature worshippers. Such unique constructions made by them had their own characteristics. It is now called Dolmen. As with Jainism’s use of Santhara, Buddhists’ land samadhi and Hindus’ water samadhi, sadhaks who left the body voluntarily entered the cave and were sealed with stones from the outside. After long fasting and meditation, they would leave their bodies there.

Currently, material development has taken a big leap in the West. There are endless tools and resources that make life convenient. But because the level of consciousness has not risen in terms of material prosperity, it does not seem that the West is able to make intelligent use of material facilities. The more material comforts are being gathered, the more stressful, violent, adulterous, depressing and addictive life is becoming. If the level of consciousness cannot be brought up to the level of material development in the West, this unbalanced development will derange and destroy the West. That is why the inner soul of the West looks with hope to the East for a profound spiritual retreat and meditation movement. In this direction, Nepal also has great resources to give to the West.

Russia has built roads and factories in Nepal and has given formal and higher education to about 5,000 Nepalis. As a response to this huge loan provided by Russia to Nepal, Bhagwan made me the means of establishing 10 meditation centers in Russia and gave me the opportunity to teach meditation to thousands of highly educated and prosperous Russian friends. More than 700 friends had the good fortune to get spiritual initiation. For these people, Eastern sadhana system and vegetarianism have become the basic basis of life transformation and Nepal has become a sacred spiritual destination for them, where they will make pilgrimage many times in their life. In this way, it has been a pleasant experience that Nepal was able to release some part of the debt imposed by Russia with such a spiritual response. We can give similar recompense to every region that provides material support to Nepal and Tapoban is also getting ready for this purpose and we consider it as our spiritual and national responsibility. In this perspective, Bhagwan is also inviting us from many places and gathering opportunities to travel.

Dated June 26, 2007

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