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Residential Retreats

7 Days OSHO No-Mind Therapy

No-Mind is a powerful meditative therapy. It is a week-long, two hours per day process. The first hour is dedicated to expressing verbally through speaking gibberish (don’t say things which are meaningful, don’t use the language that you know – talking meaningless without bothering about its rationality, for eg, if you don’t know Chinese you speak Chinese). This allows us to throw out the chaos in the mind which is constantly creating congestion resulting in distress, fatigue, and depression. The second stage is of one hour of silent sitting.

7 Day Transformation Camp with Swami Anand Arun

The meditation retreat with Swami Anand Arun is a wonderful opportunity for everyone interested in meditation. This meditation retreat is open to all seekers of all levels of meditation experience, from beginners to seasoned sannyasins. We will dive into several powerful meditations during this retreat, Satsang and Q/A, Yoga & Pranayama, audio and video discourses, Energy Darshan, and celebrations.

7 Days OSHO Neo-Vipassana Therapy

Osho’s Vipassana differs from the traditional Buddhist technique. The traditional approach can be rigorous, and Osho’s way is more friendly and relaxed, less serious. This technique helps us to become a watcher of everything within and out. Whatever emotion passes on the screen of our heart, remaining a witness we don’t get involved, don’t get identified, don’t evaluate what is good, what is bad and open ourselves to choice-less awareness.

9 Days OSHO Mystic Rose Therapy

Osho’s Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy: A Revolutionary process of Healing and Transformation Through Laughter, Tears, and Silence. It is a powerful process to rediscover the beauty of childhood without verbalizing or analyzing our past psychological experiences.

Tapoban For Nation

Tapoban for Nation is 24-hr programme is for busy executives who want to experience meditation and learn to relax and unwind. This programme also teaches holistic way of balance of inner and the outer.