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7 Day Transformation Retreat with Swami Anand Arun


Osho Transformation Intensive Retreat

The modern pace of life – active, ambitious leads us to the way that we are constantly in our heads, thinking, analyzing, judging, making plans … We are so used to following the arguments of the mind that we have completely forgotten that somewhere inside of us is space for peace and quiet.

By identifying with our mind and its attributes of judgement, resisitance and attachment and ideas about what is good and bad, we suppress our feelings, emotions, words and desires … All this leads to problems in the body, fatigue, exhaustion and stress.


You will experience

  • Experience a heightened state of awareness and consciousness in a short period.
  • Triggers intense spiritual transformations.
  • Opens the heart and initiates emotional healing
  • Releases stress
  • Gives deeper insight into spirituality and spiritual practices
  • Helps to heal many kinds of mental health issues
  • Provides compassionate guidance and space for intense spiritual practices.

Format of the retreat

In this retreat, you will be able to experience several active and passive meditations created by Osho during the 8-10 hours of meditation in 5 sessions. Mornings start with dynamic meditationprayer and yoga and evenings we do kundalini and white robe celebrations. During the day you will be introduced to new Osho meditations. Overall an atmosphere conducive to creating situations to go in. There will be an opportunity to be initiated into Neo-Sannyas. Seekers are recommended to participate in all sessions.

Who can do it?

This retreat is open to seekers of all levels of experience. All you need is a thirst for inner exploration.


7 Day Transformation Retreat Events