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Gratitude & Life

Osho says: Remember this: when you go to sleep, say goodbye to life with great gratitude. It has given you so much – never forget it. I don’t say to you, go to sleep praying to Jesus Crist on your knees, or Gautam Buddha or some other guy. I say to you, go to your sleep with thankful heart for all that life has given to you. It has given you so much that if there is no tomorrow you have not missed anything.

Let there be no tomorrow; you are already fulfilled. And if by chance you wake up again tomorrow morning, don’t start with any mantra-chanting or prayer – these are all irreligious ways. Again, start the day with gratitude, love, joy.

People say that you should get out of the bed with the wrong leg, wrong foot, because then you spoil your whole day. As far as I know, legs have nothing to do with your day. I would like you, when you get up, to get up with laughter. Any leg will do, but go to your bathroom dancing!

In the morning remember one thing that a new day, a new opportunity, has again been given to you. Feel grateful. Existence is so generous. You have wasted so many days, and again one day has been given to you. Existence is so hopeful about you! You have been wasting and wasting and doing nothing; you wasted so much valuable opportunity and time and energy, but existence still hopes. One day more is given to you.

In the morning remember it is a new day, a new beginning.

Have a decision deep in your heart that “Today I am not going to waste this opportunity. Enough is enough! Today I am going to be aware, today I am going to be alert, today I am going to devote as much energy as possible to the single cause, the cause of meditation. I will meditate in all my acts. I will do all the activities, the usual day-to-day activities, but with a new quality: I will bring the quality of awareness to them.”

Welcome the new day. Feel grateful, happy that existence still trusts in you; there is still a possibility, the transformation can still happen. Start the day with a great decisiveness. And in the evening again feel gratitude that the day was given to you, and feel gratitude for all that happened – good and bad both, happiness and unhappiness both, because they are all teachers. Everything is an opportunity. Taken rightly, every moment is a stepping-stone.

Osho, 1) The book of Wisdom, Chapter #17 2) From the False to the truth

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