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Love happens when you are not

Osho says: Love is a question about which you cannot do anything. Either it happens or it does not happen. It is not within your control.

You don’t know what love is. You simply see some beautiful face, you see some beautiful body and you think, “My God, I am in love!” This love is not going to last, because after two days, seeing the same face for twenty-four hours a day, you will get bored. The same body… you have explored the whole topography; now there is nothing to explore. Exploring the same geography again and again, you feel like an idiot. What is the point?
The love affair, this love marriage is failing, it has already failed. The reason is that you don’t know how to wait so that love can happen.
You have to learn a meditative state of waiting. Then love is not sexual; then love is a feeling of two hearts beating in the same rhythm. It is not a question of beautiful bodies. It is something very deep, a question of harmony.

If love arises out of harmony, then only will we know a successful life, a life of fulfillment in which love goes on deepening because it does not depend on anything outer; it depends on something inner. It does not depend on the nose and the length of the nose; it depends on an inner feeling of two hearts beating in the same rhythm. That rhythm can go on growing, can have new depths, newer spaces. Sex can be a part of it, but it is not sexual. Sex may come into it, may disappear in it. It is far grater than sex.

Love is a feeling of harmony with an individual, of accordance.
So it is not only with the relationship of the master and the disciple; in all your relationships, if you wait and watch for a harmonious moment with existence, you will find that things are happening that you could never have been able to do.
It is a simple arithmetic: What is higher than man always happens, it is beyond your doing. You are always at the receiving end. You have to be just open, receptive, grateful to existence.

Osho, From the book ‘Ten Non-Commandments’

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