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Meditation: An introduction of height and depth in life

Osho says: Ordinarily life is flat; it is two-dimensional. We move on the surface. The height and the depth are missing. To introduce meditation into life is to introduce height and depth… a new dimension – the dimension of the vertical. Otherwise we live horizontal, flat.

And it is difficult to say what you are missing, because unless you come to experience it there is no way to even feel that you are missing it. Just think of a person who has never seen a sunrise, who is blind; who has never seen colors… the rose, the lotus, who has never seen the stars, the moon… who has never seen because he is blind. You cannot make him aware of what he is missing. How to make him aware? To make him aware you will have to talk about form and beauty, and he cannot understand because they don’t exist for him. He may listen to you out of politeness, but he cannot understand unless somebody opens his eyes, some treatment is found, his blindness is cured. Then he will see what he is missing.

He was living only through the ears, and through the ears you can live only twenty percent. Eighty percent of life is through the eyes. All beauty is through the eyes. Through the ears you can hear only one beauty – that of sound. Everything else will be missed – sculpture, painting, calligraphy, trees, clouds; the whole of life will be missed. And with only sound life will be monotonous.

The same is the case with a person who has never meditated. He does not know what he is missing. He is missing the vertical. The vertical is ninety-nine percent, the horizontal only one percent. The world is only one percent and God is ninety-nine percent.

Meditation is nothing but bringing a depth to your life. If you love, you will love in a deeper way. If you are angry, you will be angry in a deeper way. If a meditator dances, he will dance in a more total way. Whatsoever he is doing, he will bring a new quality of depth to it. His life will become more three-dimensional.

So start working a little in that direction. And don’t think that it is renunciation. Don’t think that it is escaping from life. I don’t teach escape.I teach you how to live more fully, how to live more deeply, how to live in deep celebration. I am not against life, and my sannyas is not anti-life at all. It is life-affirmative. It is something absolutely new on the earth, because the religions in the past have been life-negating, they have been other-worldly. I am absolutely this – worldly, because I know that the other world is hidden in this world. The other shore is hidden in this shore. This moment contains all that is possible – and all that is impossible too. Everything converges on this moment.

Osho, Darshan Diary ‘The Great Nothing’

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